High House

Our challenge was to create a series of contemporary living spaces in an existing Victorian terrace house and bring it into the 21st century.

Sited atop a steep hill in Hackney, East London, the design for the remodelling of this Victorian terrace house to form a contemporary family home, maximises its location to ensure abundant sunlight and open up views across London.

View towards dining space
View towards garden
Family bathroom
Staircase detail
Twin shower room
Twin shower room

Aspirations for modern living established the need for major reconstruction of the existing building fabric. Construction works included the demolition of the existing single-storey rear extension, replacing this with a two-storey to open up the ground floor living area. This provided a generous kitchen space with large windows looking onto a mature garden while, on the first floor, the addition allows for a large family bathroom with adjoining laundry room.

The addition of a new mansard roof extension houses the owners’ bedroom, including an en-suite, twin shower room and roof terrace with views to the City.

Ground and first floor
Ground floor

We were commissioned as the project was nearing the end of its planning permission. The client was keen for us to re-look at the design making minimal changes to the external appearance, and instead concentrating on the internal spatial arrangements. Due to the planning deadline, we had to respond quickly to the challenge of revising the design and commissioning a contractor.

Long section
Staircase model

“Our time and effort was spent in considering the look and feel of materials, combining these to create a warm and calm interior and creating a refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life.”

Juliet Quintero
Material palette

A limited palette of finishes is used throughout the house. Timber adds warmth and texture: Douglas fir, oak and spruce, on the floor, walls and exposed timber beams, respectively. The addition of an oak timber staircase and wall creates a new vertical element that connects the ground level to the upper floors. Teak flooring in the new shower room runs between the inside and outside terrace, separated by a black-framed crittle screen.

The first floor bathroom is equally generous; a light-filled space with highly polished brass fittings contrasting with a cast concrete sink and mottled grey walls and floors and a bath with a commandeering view through the treetops.


London 2016
Private client
Collaborators: Hanridge Services
Photography: Dallas Pierce Quintero

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